How to Get Vodafone 4G SIM Free

Are you a Vodafone user? Then here is a good news for you as recently Vodafone has launched its 4G services in the areas of Kerala and Mysuru. Also it is expected that in the major metros cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru Vodafone will start soon it’s 4G service as the services are expected to be launched by March 2017 in these metro cities.

How to Get Vodafone 4G SIM Free

Vodafone users of Kerala and Mysuru can convert their excising connection into 4G. If you are already a Vodafone customer, you can switch to a 4G Vodafone SIM. You can follow the simple steps which I am sharing below and also after the steps you don’t need to wait for 4G services to be launched in your city. Yes including Delhi Vodafone SIMs 4G-ready are available across many cities. But first you have to confirm about that is the service is available in your city or not? To Check you can connect with customer care of your city. You can know that is 4G-ready Vodafone SIM is now available in your city or not. So guys if Vodafone is offering the 4G service in your city then follow these following steps and enjoy the fast speed of internet.

Note:  Interesting fact about 4G is that Vodafone is offering customers in some regions 1GB free 4G data if you switch to a 4G SIM. The free data can be availed when 4G services launch in your city.

Steps to Get Vodafone 4G SIM

Just follow these simple steps and switch your Vodafone SIM to 4G Vodafone SIM now.
  1. First you have to go any nearby Vodafone store and have to place a request for 4G-ready sim.
  2. After the verification about handset compatibility and other identification they will provide you a 4G SIM Card.
  3. Now from your existing Vodafone number you have to send a SMS ‘SIMEX <your 19-20 digit new 4G SIM card number>‘ to 55199 (this number will be available on the new SIM card/jacket given to you)
  4. Now soon you will receive a response sms from 55199.
  5. Now send last 6 digits of the new SIM number as a SMS to 55199 within 2 hours after doing 4th step.
  6. Now just wait for the success SMS which you will receive in no time and after that sms your 4G-Ready SIM will be activated.
  7. Now last and important step do it carefully. Just remove your old SIM card and install your new 4G-Ready SIM to enjoy the free service 😛

Final Words

So guys that was it How To Get Vodafone 4G SIM. You can now enjoy the benefits of 4G service of Vodafone and start using the SIM. Soon they will launched it all the other regions too. So wait or goto your store to find out is your city is eligible for Vodafone 4G?
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