Google Algorithm Updates From 2005-2015 Infographic

As we all know Google is the world’s number one and most popular and also easy to use search engine and on Google we can find each and every thing about this world or other things. But only webmasters and bloggers are well known about the working ways of Google. Yes a common man simply search about the item or question which he/she have but a blogger or webmaster knows that how Google provide the information. As you know how Google get the information from the other pages and how he ranked the web pages on his search results. Google is a very popular source for the traffic for a website as mostly all world using this search engine. If you are blogger then you might know that Google always update his database and launched new Algorithms which affects the websites according to their qualities or other reasons. Only bloggers and webmasters can understand properly about this all concept which I am going to share here. I know every blogger/webmaster keens to know about the different Algorithm updates of Google. From 2005 to 2015 Google had launched so many updates which I am going to share here through an Infographic.

Google Algorithm Updates From 2005-2015 Infographic

I have an Infographic which can explain all the updates of Google from 20015-2015. So guys check out this Infographic below and tell how it is.

Final Words:

As I told you Google launched so many updates and all the updates from 2005-2015 are covered in this Infographic. So guys if you liked this infographic then share with others and also check other articles too 🙂

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