How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Alexa PR7 DA 93

Wanna grab a HIGH PR and Dofollow Backlink from Alexa? Not only good PR and Dofollow but it will be also gave a DA 93 backlink to your site for free. Yes today I am going to share the method or you can call it Trick To Get Dofollow Backlink From Alexa. As recently I have shared a way to Get Backlinks From Storify PR8 Dofollow Backlink Free so today I am going to share the way to get 2 HIGH PR, Dofollow and DA 93 backlink from Alexa.

I know some of you maybe know the method already but still many bloggers don’t know the way to get backlinks from that’s the reason I am sharing the method here. So you can also take the benefit and improve your ranking in search engines. But wait do you know what are backlinks? Yes, but still i want to through light on it for my newbies friends. So sharing below What Are Backlinks.

How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Alexa PR7 DA 93

What Are Backlinks ?

Do you know what are backlinks? Backlinks are most important part of any website as we can say backlinks are backbone of a blog/website and helps to fight on search engines. Backlinks are the incoming links to a website or blog and we can also say that backlink is a link received by a website from another website. You can learn from here in detail. You can also get backlinks from any website which allows to comment or you can links from directories, Web Directories, Response Sites, Blogs or from any other sources.

I hope you understand here but still if you don’t understand then I can clear it more. Backlinks are same as votes, means like in elections which politician got more votes win the election, same like that website which have more links will win the trust of google and ranks more on search engines. But make sure that never get backlink from any spammed or wrong sites. You can take backlinks from the following websites.

  1. Dofollow
  2. High Authority Websites
  3. Relevant means your niche related blogs
  4. Forums or Directories
You can get links from these websites and for your information backlinks are two types Dofollow and Nofollow. Dofollow are the links which passes the link juice and Nofollow backlinks don’t pass the link juice but still are very important for our site’s SEO. You might also read about Nofollow links that these are not good etc etc but Nofollow links are very useful to drive massive traffic from other websites.

Every blogger knows that ranking without backlinks is something like impossible. Only On-Page SEO can’t help to rank hence you also have to spend time on Off-Page SEO. Competition is becoming more tough and tough day by day so start doing some seo of your blog. So below I am sharing the method to get dofollow backlink from Alexa for free to boost your ranking.

Steps To Get Dofollow Backlink From Alexa

So guys before starting the steps i want to tell you the importance of this backlink. As earlier i said that Alexa have PR7 and DA 93 then you can imagine the power of this backlink. Yes it will surely gave a boost to your site and also provides a good authority to your website. With the below steps you can get 2 backlinks from alexa without spending any money. If you are trying to rank your any keyword then you can use it here as we will add the anchor text here. You can also check mine backlinks from alexa below and know how we will get the dofollow backlink from alexa. You can also see that they are dofollow because i have installed the nofollow extension which highlights the nofollow link with red box like the below link.

How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Alexa PR7 DA 93

Now I am starting the steps to get backlink from alexa.

  • Go to that link and replace the to yours
  • Then scroll and find certify your sites metrics and then select the plans and pricing from the next window. You can select the last one :p and click on start free trail.
  • Now sign up with the details which they ask fill everything and now final part comes where they ask for the payment. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay just select the Credit Card and fill the details. If you have your own then fill just kidding I am sharing here the credit card details.

Number – 5415 9150 8279 4576
CVC – 938
Expiry – 6/18

  • Guys after filling the details click on start subscription.
  • Now go to your alexa imformation page replace with yours.
  • Then in the end of page you can find the Edit Site Info button yes that blue one.
  • Click on that and start the filling details.
  • You can follow my image to know more.
That’s the whole process buddy 🙂

Over To You

So guys i have shared the way to Get Dofollow backlink From Alexa and i know this is not so tough. It will take only 5 minutes. So guys hurry up and get backlink now but i want to told you that they don’t deduct the payment from the credit card as it is free trail :p . Guys if you have any query then feel free to ask by commenting box I will try my best to solve. Also share if you have any way to get dofollow backlink from other websites.


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